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MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. offers the ability to pay, among a wide range of options. Therefore, the methods of payment are as follows:

The charge on your credit card is affected on the day of the placement of your order at the moment you complete and submit the order form. In case of choosing this particular payment option, you must send us a copy of your ID, as well as your credit card, leaving only the last four digits visible, via e-mail: [email protected] or fax 210 57 76 217.
We apologize for this extra step, but it is required to prevent the use of stolen credit cards and so to protect their rightful owners. The above is required only during the first use of your credit card with us and all information remains strictly confidential.
2. By cash on delivery of products. When the order includes a product of a marketing value that exceeds €1000 or when the order has to be delivered outside Greece, payment by cash on delivery is not available. 
3. By Pay Pal.
4. By depositing the amount in one of our partner banks:
Upon completion of the bank transfer to any the following accounts, please inform Mini Raxevsky with an e-mail at [email protected] by sending a copy of the deposit, or by telephone at +30.210.5734949 to begin the process of ordering and shipping the ordered products.

ALPHABANK: GR08 0140 1330 1330 0200 2020 621

VIVA PAYMENTS: GR34 7010 0000 0004 2661 2972 609

Please note that the process of payment through bank transfer should be completed within 2 working days, otherwise the order will be considered invalid and will be cancelled.

The price of each product is indicated on the relative catalogues next to each product. Added value tax (VAT) of 23% is included in the prices. The company maintains the right to change the prices without warning. The prices on the category “Sales” are only valid for online purchases. 

1. The Web page/ electronic shop operates in accordance with Ministerial Decision Z1-496/2000 about “sales from distance” and the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on the Protection of Consumers. A future Customer is obligatorily informed regarding: a) the essential characteristics of offered good b) the price c) the quantity and the delivery cost d) the added value tax (VAT) if not included in the price e) the way of payment f) the delivery and execution terms g) the duration of the offer or the price and h) the right of retraction. 
2. Use of the Web page services does not involve any further cost beyond the general billing policy for Internet access, as set by the relevant internet providers (ISP's) and is payable solely to them. 
3. The Customers are obliged to report to the person in charge of the Web page any problem and/or complaint and/or indication and/or observation that may occur during the use of the Web page services. 
4. Special terms and agreements for the purchase of a specific product that are in effect additionally to the terms and agreements of the present are indicated in the specific order forms. 
5. The Web page/ electronic shop holds the right of reserve and/or refusal of realizing an order provided that it reports to the interested Customer the reasons of this reserve and/or refusal.

For the security of data that is transmitted via the Web page, the GeoTrust SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software is used for the guarantee of safe on-line commercial transactions. SSL is a protocol of communication that encrypts the communication between your terminal and the electronic shop server. In that way all personal information is encrypted, including the credit card number, name and address so as not to be read or modified during their online transmittance. The encryption of your data is exceptionally powerful and is considered practically inviolable.

The Website, as most websites, uses cookies so as we identify the user and offer individualized services. Cookies are text files, stored in the Customer’s hard drive without having access to any document or file from his computer. Cookies are used to facilitate the Customer’s access to the relevant Web page services, for statistical purposes so as to determine the regions where the Website services are useful or popular, or for marketing purposes. The Customer can modify the options on his browser so as to be notified for the use of cookies on the relevant Web page services or so as to in any case block the use of cookies. If the user of particular Web page services does not wish the use of cookies for his recognition, he cannot have further access to these services.

Visitors /users of the Web page that are minors have access to the services only with the consent of their parents or guardians and have no obligation to submit their personal information. In case minors submit this information, the company erases it. However, if minors send false information at the filling of an application of member, MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. has no responsibility.