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Terms of Use of Web page and electronic shop of company MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. / www.mini-raxevsky.com 
Please read carefully the following terms concerning the rights and obligations of the company to all the visitors of this Web page:

www.mini-raxevsky.com is an electronic shop responsible for the sale of the products of MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. certified by the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Marine (General Secretariat of Consumers, Department for Protection of Consumers) with registration of suppliers No. 426/09 so that it signs “Agreements from distance” according to Article 4 of Act no 2251/94, as amended and is in force.

The shop belongs to the company with the name:
Seat: STR. SOURI 20, PERISTERI, 12131
Tel: +30.210.5787852
E-shop direct line: +30.210.5734949
Fax: +30.210.5776217
Tax Registry No: 082955175 , Public Financial Service: FAE ATHINON

MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. holds the right to modify the content of the web page www.mini-raxevsky.com (hereinafter: the Web page) at all time, without informing the users of the Web page. However, MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. cannot unilaterally modify the terms of transactions, without informing the users via the Web page. 

The Customer that uses the Web page (from now on: the Customer) is solely liable for the control of technical information provided to him/her and for the suitability of goods that he/she orders. MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. is not liable for any incompatibilities of products with other products.
The Customer declares that the all information that he/she provides when using the Web page is true, precise and valid. 
The Customer comprehends and accepts the international nature of the World Wide Web /Internet and agrees to respect and to satisfy the local rules of deontology of each country. The user/member is committed to satisfy the legislation concerning the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to other countries.
The Customer declares that he/she will not use the Web page to send, publicize or transmit any illegal content. 
Τhe Customer can subscribe to the Web page and create a Customer’s account (the ‘Account’), which he can access via a user name and a password. The Customer is solely liable for safeguarding the confidentiality of his Account. 
The Customer remains solely liable for all actions made under his/her Account as well as for the cautious use of his Account and the proper log-out from his Account at the end of each session. The Customer is liable for any damage caused to MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. or her subsidiary companies or collaborating businesses, from the illicit use of the present Web page and from the use of a Customer’s Account by third parties that are not authorized by the Customer.

MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. cannot guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the content of the Web page will be provided without interruption, without faults and that errors will be corrected. Moreover, MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. does not guarantee that the Web page or any other related web page or servers via which the Web page data is being available to the Customer, are provided without viruses or other detrimental components. 
MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. is not liable for direct, indirect damages, or consequential damage, that can result from lack of adequate knowledge to use the Web page and also from any errors, interruptions, faults or delays at the operation of the Web page or at the transmittance of information online via the Web page.
MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. cannot guarantee the availability of products but will inform the Customer on time in case of unavailability.  Also, MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. accepts no responsibility for any technical, typographical or misspelling errors in the prices or in the characteristics of the products.
For the safety of your transactions, in case a product is sold at an extraordinarily low price, without any particular indication that would justify this price, please contact us before you order the product. Generally, the company does not guarantee in any case the suitability, the plenitude or availability of content, pages, services, options or their results. 
The cost of potential corrections or services is undertaken by the Customer and under no circumstances by the company.

MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. is the sole and exclusive beneficiary of all intellectual property rights on the content and the lay-out of the Web page, apart from the expressly reported exceptions (intellectual property rights of third parties, collaborators and institutions). The content of the Web page, including pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, sounds, videos, provided services and products and all files on the Web page, constitute works of intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and EU Law, International Treaties and Conventions. The reproduction, copying, downloading, sale, re-sale or any commercial exploitation of the content of Web page as a whole or of any part, is strictly prohibited.

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