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The personal data of Customers is exclusively used by MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. and exclusively for the placement and proof of orders, the issuance of lawful certificates (for taxation purposes) and the collection of statistical information (that will not include private data that could lead to their identification) in accordance with the terms of Act No.2472/97. By the present, the Customer consents to the storage and processing of his personal data from MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. for the above reasons.  This data is not transmitted to any third party. 
If you are a registered user and accept the transmitting of your personal data from MINI RAXEVSKY S.A. to collaborating enterprises, so as to receive advertising material and individualized offers, please activate the relative option at the “my Profile” tag. 
The Customer has the right to have access to every data that he/she has provided to us (right of access art. 12 N. 2472/97) and to raise objections in relation to the processing of his/her data (right of objection No. 13 N. 2472/97). 
In case you need to exercise this right of objection for the processing of data you can write to Ms. Marie Palandjian-Raxevsky at 0030.210-5787852 and direct line 132 or by email at marie@mini-raxevsky.gr. The registered Customers’ data can be communicated to the relevant judicial or administrative authorities or to the police, after their request, in accordance with the legislation in force.

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